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Board Members

The Board of Directors of the District is made up of nine members that serve at large and own property in the District. Terms are two or four years in length and shall start on July 1 unless a vacancy is being filled.

Directors of the Ash Creek Water Control District

Tom Wilson -

Emmanuel Egoicochea -

Madeline Fisher -

Edward Matteo -

Mancil Russell -

Andrea Melendy, Tresurer -

  • Director 4 Vacant -
  • Director 5 Vacant -
  • Director 8 Vacant -

Karin Johnson,  Secretery -

A reminder: the District board is short members. We would like to see another member come from the Dallas area and/or the rural area between Dallas and Indy/Mon. Board members have to own property within the District boundaries, but need not reside within the District boundaries.  If your are unsure if your property is in the District, look at the District map on this web site.   We look forward to your input.

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